Robbie Knop

E-Commerce Business Owner

I few months into my business and I noticed a gradual decline in my website's traffic and lead-to-sale conversion rate, which meant that I was losing sales. Worried that this could go on, I decided to find an expert lead gen specialist on Businessly and found the right person to help me. Thanks to his expertise, strategies, and effort, my site's traffic increased by 20% in just two months and my sales have also grown significantly.

Lissy Goemans

Accounting Company Marketing Manager

The expert we found via Businessly became an extension of our marketing team. She worked on our social media ads for months, assisting us in the planning, development, tracking, and analysis of our campaigns. All the efforts she put in paid off, yielding us additional clients, some of whom are big ticket ones.

Amelie Sheppard

Online Academy Business Owner

It was through Businessly that we found a reliable and hard working webinar production specialist. He was able to help us produce a series of webinars for a variety of purposes. We were able to create and publish webinars that share information about our courses, disusse industry-related topics, imparting useful tips, etc. Because of all those webinars, we have experienced a seamless introduction of our courses and noticed an increase in our enrolments. From then on, we have included webinars in our marketing strategy.

Madison Byrne

Financial Software Solutions Operations Manager

Our company received great value for our money joining Businessly. It was the platform that enabled us to connect and work with an excellent sales expert who helped us many times in closing sales, even the most challenging clients that we were trying to get for months. The expert we worked with has a lot of expertise in that area and I couldn't be more satisfied with the results he delivered to us. As for Businessly itself, their team was flexible and accommodating, making sure we were properly guided. They were very attentive, providing responses to us whenever we had questions of concerns. I would highly recommend Businessly and the experts in their platform. It's a great company with a great group of people.

Dan Atkins

Asset Tracking System Company Manager

Businessly has been vital in helping us improve our lead generation capability through a combination of Adwords and marketing campaigns. Being able to have a dedicated expert on our side, helping us develop a plan and strategy and also implementing them while giving us clear directions, was very reassuring. It was a pleasure working with him, and we have seen significant increase in our lead flow, improved efficiency, and a stronger return on investment.