Abdel Karim Mallouk  

Cyber Security Analyst

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Cybersecurity Information Technology PLC Programming Network Security
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I’m a tier-2 cyber security analyst with extensive experience in implementation, integration and delivery of technical IT security solutions. Highly proficient in tracking and analyzing software attacks, network scans, and intrusion attempts; server monitoring; and conducting comprehensive internal quality audit. I have a Master’s degree in management of industrial system.

I’ve been with IBM since 2017, starting my career with the company as an IT specialist. I worked my way up as a cyber security analyst, then as an escalation manager before settling into my current role as a tier-2 cyber security analyst.

If you need a personalised advice and guidance in all things cyber security, or you need support to help you break into this industry, I’ll be happy to work with you so you can be on track to where you want to be.