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I was headhunted to join Businessly. I worked as an SEO Specialist for Yahoo and Apple. I started my career at Yahoo and moved to Apple, where I headed my department.

I recently worked with an international SaaS company as an SEO project manager to redevelop their entire web presence from the bottom up. The Result? 350% organic traffic growth, 20+ high-value keywords moved from page 3+ to the top of page 1.

My secret weapon, which could also be yours, is my background as an SEO expert! UX/UI Data Monitoring how your users navigate your site and make decisions helps refine the mid and lower portions of your sales funnels. Look for the areas visitors are jumping out of your website, leaving your funnel, to problem solve and build conversions. Employ advanced consumer psychology to drive engagement by rooting errors and priming the pump with sensible integrations such as enhanced contact features.

99 reviews

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