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A few things about me:

• 6+ years of expertise in data-driven decision support systems, designing data strategies, information management solutions, and corporate data architectures.
• Currently working at Samsung, developing data roadmaps and plans for organizations, data product management, data analytics consulting, and strategic business intelligence.
• Dedicated my whole career to creating a link between data and corporate decision-making. Passionate about assisting businesses in overcoming data obstacles and making better data-driven choices.
• Did some consulting projects with businesses, ranging from startups to Fortune 500 firms to SMEs businesses and governments.
• Knowledgeable in managing entire project development cycles, including setting OKRs, KPIs, and linking them to the organization's goals and business processes, meeting business stakeholders and identifying their pain points, optimizing, scaling, and building the entire data and business intelligence strategy and processes, and data visualization and data storytelling.

I have trained and mentored aspiring data analysts through offline, project-based, and online courses and mentoring programs. If you are new to data analysis and want to enter the field, I can help you in getting acquainted with different data analysis concepts, methods, and tools, build experience through projects and tasks, prepare for applications and interviews.