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I specialize in turbocharging sales forces and I've been tied to over $60M in profit over the course of my career.

If you're looking for a telemarketer or cold caller then I am not your guy, sorry. I design strategies, processes, training, sales collateral and marketing collateral that make your sales team function and perform better than they did last month.

I own a sales consulting company and am a HubSpot Solutions Provider. We do a lot of general sales consulting and fractional CMO or VP of Sales roles, but people also hire us for:

--Sales Automation
--CRM Optimization
--Sales Call Scripts
--Email Scripts
--Sales Enablement Content / Sales Kits
--Pitch Decks / Presentations
--Lead Generation
--Commission Structures
--Sales Turnaround Management / Operational Turnaround

In my previous full-time sales manager role:
---Managed 90+ sales reps averaging $1.5 million in net profit per month
---Grew YoY net profit by an average of 106%
---Grew YoY volume by an average of 72%

In my previous full-time sales representative role:
---#1 sales rep out of 90 as a senior sales rep
---Earned company up to $100k net profit per month
---Became the first sales rep to ever hit commission while still in training

General Experience:
---Sales (15 years)
---Negotiation (10 years)
---Sales Management (10 years)
---Logistics/Freight Brokering (8 years)
---Contract Law (5 courses)
---Product Development
---B.A., Sales & Business Marketing

"Sales organizations that have a closely monitored, strictly enforced, or automated sales process are twice as likely to perform well compared to organizations who have a nonexistent or informal structure."

-Harvard Business Review

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