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here is a quick overview of my skills and strengths. I am well organized, efficient, and self motivated. The key to my success has been to learn quickly and to then reach for a higher personal and professional standard by seeking additional responsibilities. I have worked in the retail industry for over 10 years as a Manager for companies such as Kenneth Cole, Calvin Klein, Bebe, and Pac Sun.

I have designed and implemented training programs using eLearning and self-paced modules. I oversaw quality analyst performance and held regular calibrations to align on interpretation of policies and procedures and identify opportunities to improve support agent experiences

I have also built Help Center and Knowledge Base, macros, SOPs and internal processes, thus addressing operational inefficiencies and inconsistency, and improving customer experience and CSAT scores. I also have designed multiple Train the Trainer programs and facilitator’s guide to create more flexibility and autonomy for new trainers.

My genuine interest in building world class support teams and maintaining a high level of standards has led me to become successful in my role as a Training and Performance/ Customer Success Manager.

My goal has always been to exceed the expectations of both my employer as well as my customer. Although the above is only a brief snapshot, this philosophy has served me well in my professional career.

66 reviews

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