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The content you post is only valuable if it converts readers and brings you a positive ROI.

Many online marketers forget that content is the core focus of search engines and readers alike, which leads to misaligned goals between you and your agency. Poor, spammy, or thin content can depreciate your website’s rankings.

I firmly believe that a successful content strategy depends on the content produced. Other factors may help content rank, but the quality of the content determines whether your readers stay engaged and loyal to your brand.

As a native US English speaker and writer, I have 8+ years of experience writing content for projects like yours. I have spent the past five years working as the Director of Content with search engine optimization agencies focused on gaining organic traffic and conversions from holistic, content-based strategies. In this role, I was in charge of producing conversion-based content strategies for clients and managing a team of 40+ writers.

20 reviews

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