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Seasoned product manager with over 13 years of experience managing end-to-end product lifecycle, leading product development sprints, and managing stakeholders. I started my career as a business analyst, and eventually made my way up to my current role as a product manager for Aviva. Previously, I worked for companies like Hugo & Cat, CACI Ltd, Amazon UK, Rank Group, OMD International, and Tata Consultancy Services.

Over the course of my career, I have developed the ability to thoughtfully determine customers’ problems and work out strategies and solutions for developing products that are fit to solve them. So far, these abilities helped me work with some of the best agile teams and create market leading products that meet stakeholders’ expectations.

Through this mentorship opportunity, I’d like to help aspiring product managers unlock their potential and get a head start in their careers within this industry. I’m ready to offer everything I know about product management, which I’ve acquired through years of experience, to make that happen.