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Investment Analyst
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I currently work as an investment analyst for the chief investment office, strategic asset allocation at UBS. My 5+ years of professional experience spans from advising potential clients on the most suitable program based on their financial situation and needs, to investment banking, to trading. I have worked for such companies as NOVO BANCO, Accenture Portugal, HAITONG, Nova Investment Club, and Moody’s Analytics. I have a Master’s degree in finance and Bachelor’s degree in business/managerial economics.

Investment banking is one of the most competitive and challenging fields to break into. When I was starting my career, I had lots of questions and, at some point, had no idea which direction to take to move forward. Fortunately, I found great people along the way who mentored me and pointed me in the right direction to reach my goals.

Now that I’m here, I’d like to give back by being a mentor to those who aspire to become investment analysts. I can work with you in establishing your goals, honing your strengths and working on your weaknesses, building your experience, and planning out your approach to your career. Let’s get started!